Adam Carolla Mangria signing at Applejack Wine & Spirits, Denver / Wheat Ridge, Colorado 030213 by Jason Claypool

Adam Carolla stopped by Applejack Wine and Spirits for a signing for his new Mangria line of sangria, before a show on the Adam and Drew Tour at the Paramount that night. I’m guessing there were about 500 people in line, each one of them Adam’s biggest fan from his work on KROQ as Mr. Birchum, Loveline on MTV, Loveline on the radio, The Man Show, best-selling books, The Hammer movie, vintage car racing, home-improvement shows, his own amazingly popular pod-casts and his friends on the ACE Broadcasting Network, stand-up, sitcom work, and now his line of booze. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

I myself spent many an hour on a graveyard shift on patrol, staying awake and just rolling with laughter with my buddies at the ridiculous calls, or David Alan Grier’s awesomeness when he was the guest on Loveline. I even watched the TV version. Now LeeAndra and I spend every commute catching up with Adam’s pod-casts, along with Larry Miller’s and Alison Rosen’s, rather than listen to whatever drivel Clear Channel would have us consume. And to be partnering back up with Dr. Drew to save some more babies? That’s awesome, and is not just a waste of my time.

And Applejack’s? That place has been open for 50 years, and is still one of the biggest liquor stores in the country. Anything you need, they either have it or can order it, pretty damn quick. I remember going there for what seemed like hours on a weekend with my dad, and I was just fascinated by the vintage wine display, with its thousand-dollar bottles and beautiful locks and bars and racks. Of course my dad would always class things up by buying a suitcase of Busch, but that’s another story…

Thanks, Scott McCalmon from Applejack, and Mike August for making my afternoon so fun!

What can I shoot for you?

Did I get a great shot of you and Adam for your desk or to put next to your signed Mangria bottle or copy of Not Taco Bell Material? Be sure to check out “more…“, below, to take a look at all the shots…

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