Anthony’s Chevelle, Loading Up For Bandimere, Denver, Colorado 101312

Anthony’s Chevelle 101312 by Jason Claypool.

I haven’t gotten to play around with shooting a car for a while, and I couldn’t help myself catching these shots while Anthony was loading up his car for a race the next day at Bandimere!

Anthony showed me around his garage a few weeks ago, and I was just blown away by the effort he has sunk into his cars. I saw his upholstered, diamond-plated bar that he built in shop class in high-school, and pictures of the races he has won in the past. Above all that, in a place of honor on his wall is a blue plastic child-size wrestling champion belt with signatures and scuffs all over it. I think it’s the most cherished object in the garage, because it is the belt Anthony and his friends race each other for each year. Spend another $10,000 on your car, win Bandimere for the year, and the belt is yours! They have been doing this for 10 or 20 years, and take it as seriously as they would a pro race.

He mentioned wanting to get his friends together for a calendar shoot, so I really wanted to put together something special with these shots, even if it was in diminishing light while the car was being trailered. I can’t wait to see how the the full location shoot will look!

What can I shoot for you?

Can you imagine these shots on your walls? Be sure to check out “more…“, below, to see all the great shots from Anthony’s driveway!

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