Patriot Guard Funerals and Events

My Photography, Published in the Colorado Rural Electric Association’s Monthly Magazine- Colorado Country Life

I was so honored to be asked to contribute my work for an article in the Draft Horse Journal last year, and now in the Colorado Rural Electric Association’s January 2012 Colorado Country Life magazine. These are just scans of the print copy of that article, which are just so detailed and beautiful, compared to […]

KIA Cpl. Brandon Kirton, Denver, CO 060311, A Patriot Guard Mission

*As an update to this this post, I have now included all of the pictures from that day, including shots that show identifiable faces of the Fallen’s family, as well views of the casket. I have never made such shots publicly viewable before, in consideration of the families’ privacy, but Brittney said that she thinks […]

Bob and Stef’s Farewell at Davies’ 032011

Some personal shots from Bob and Stef’s farewell breakfast at Davies’ Chuckwagon Diner on Colfax Ave. in Lakewood, with all of our Patriot Guard friends. We wish you the best in Texas, Bob and Stef! Or, click here to see all 39 shots in a slideshow on Flickr.

PGR- SSG Kennith Mayne, Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver, CO 091308

Having been reminded of this mission and the emotions it had for so many, it will be the next that I post…bear with me until tomorrow to sort through my shots…


America. This may be the most important picture I have ever taken. This mother and daughter’s presence in the crowd at the funeral of KIA Navy Hospitalman Christopher “Doc” Anderson, in Longmont, Colorado on 121606, was so touching.┬áTheir embrace seemed to reassure us all in such a sad place. And that whisper to her daughter, […]

PGR- An Unknown Mission at Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver CO, 050710 (Duke’s first mission)

_DSC5215 copy

This was a spur of the moment decision to attend this mission at Ft. Logan National Cemetery, so I never even got the name of the Fallen that we were there to honor.

It was Duke’s first mission with Lorraine Melgosa of Wellington Carriage from Manzanola, Colorado, and she asked me to get there early and help out since she expected things to be a bit dicey, especially since a real service a couple hundred miles from home with crowds and rifle salutes and little kids underfoot might be a shock to him.