Lisa Hannigan and Jason Mraz at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver 092708

I’m revisiting this set now, because I am so excited about Lisa’s new material, and the possibility of a US tour. I had left the shots unprocessed this long because the venue and billing that night did such a disservice to Lisa.

This was my first time seeing Lisa Hannigan, and she opened for Jason Mraz. This was four months…

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…before she came back around with her Sea Sew tour, and I was able to get a photo pass for the venue. As it turns out, I had the photo pit to myself, and quickly realized that none of the giggling girls in the front row had even heard of Lisa Hannigan, much less were any of them there to see her.

Lisa and her band ended up crammed on the front of the stage as the opener. I was left with some horrible angles in the tight quarters, and had to deal with a fixed and BRIGHT spot on Lisa and simple reflected glare washing over her band. If I remember right, Lisa played about 4 songs, which was about 10 too few, and was then quickly shuffled off the stage while her gear was removed. Jason Mraz didn’t even give her an ounce of interaction, while I was wondering why any fellow artist shouldn’t be standing in awe of her talent.

And after all that, Lisa’s stop at the Bluebird 4 months later for her Sea Sew tour was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

The thing is, I still love it when my shots work, and owe it to any artist to do my best. Hours in Photoshop tonight demonstrates that.

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  1. Lewis Cooper says:

    Great review and photos Jason, I miss seeing your great concert photos. Take care. Lewis

    • jasonsargo says:

      Thanks, Lewis! I’m really trying to build a presence again, whether concert shoots for a few bands I can’t wait to see, or weddings as Spring approaches and I try my hand at something I know I will enjoy, my clients will appreciate, and that I can make a living at.

      Excellent work on your end, lately, as well!

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