Moreland and Arbuckle at the Toad Tavern, Littleton, Colorado, 033012

Shooting this show worked out so perfectly! I love Moreland and Arbuckle!

I thought that I would email the band, and get things approved ahead of time to photograph the set. Well, that didn’t work out quick enough on my end, and our friends Sean and Amy were definitely going, so I thought we would just buy tickets at an outlet. Well, the ticket outlet couldn’t even find the show in their system, so I thought to call Nick Sullivan, whose band American Relay had played several times with Moreland and Arbuckle a few years ago. Lo, and behold, Nick says he was recording Moreland and Arbuckle all day in his studio, Silo Sound, and we could be his +2 if we gave him a ride to the show! Talk about synchronicity!

So cool. Such a great show, even with an less energetic crowd, and I am really happy with the shots. In fact, right before processing them, I read Todd Owyoung’s article on doing your best to fix the white balance with poorly lit shows, and I think it really paid off.

Thanks to Nick for making this happen, thanks to Moreland and Arbuckle for such a great set, and thanks to the Toad Tavern for giving me just enough light to work with!

Make sure to click through “more”, below, to see all the shots from the night.

What can I shoot for you?

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