My Photography, Published in the Colorado Rural Electric Association’s Monthly Magazine- Colorado Country Life

I was so honored to be asked to contribute my work for an article in the Draft Horse Journal last year, and now in the Colorado Rural Electric Association’s January 2012 Colorado Country Life magazine. These are just scans of the print copy of that article, which are just so detailed and beautiful, compared to the less-complete online version.

I am so proud to have the cover shot and several pictures in the article, in a magazine that reaches all corners of this beautiful state, and to have my work chosen to highlight such an important mission of honor and dignity.

Thanks so much to Audra Daugherty for such a well written piece, and of course to Lorraine Melgosa, for all she does for this region’s Fallen and veteran military service members. Thank you to Colorado Country Life for such a great working relationship these past few months.

What can I shoot for you?

(In case you have trouble, NoScript, AdBlock and Firefox might be a bit tricky with these PDFs, but Internet Explorer worked perfectly. I will update this post with a link when loads the Jan 2012 ecopy to their site.)







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