Rickoli’s Brewery Grand Opening 112812

What a great new nanobrewery, and it’s so close in Wheat Ridge! I think it’s going to be my new favorite beer hangout!

I got in touch with Rick, and knew how much this town was rooting for him as he strikes out on his own. He was happy to show me around the works a couple weeks before the opening, and I just love the gas-fired 3-tiered keggle operation, and the 100 gal. MiniBrew fermenters! It’s like looking at a commercial version of my own 10 gal setup! I took these very basic shots of the opening, and can’t wait to get back for some more when the final lighting is up, the taps are blur, and there are a thousand smiling faces, not just a hundred! If I’m lucky, I could convince Rick to let me shoot a brewing session!

Try this place out, if you’re a local. You just won’t believe the Black Pline!

What can I shoot for you?

Which shots do you want on your walls? Be sure to check out “more…“, below, to see all the great shots from that night.

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