Winger at the Grizzly Rock, Lakewood, Colorado 120112

Well, I’ve seen Winger 4 times in my life, and this had to be the best, because I was taking pictures as a pro! Who would have thought that the band that got grief for being a bit cheesy so long ago is really the last band standing with the most musical talent, the least drama, is still putting out new music, has a huge influence in the classical and symphony community, and still puts on a hell of a rock show?!?!

The last two times, I saw a couple great Winger shows at Eck’s Saloon with no camera in hand, but the first time I ever saw them was in back in 1990. At least that what’s my shirt says. Yes, I was that guy tonight. I found my box of concert t-shirts, and wore a Winger shirt that is actually old enough to drink! (I also found a classy white, long-sleeved Page/Plant tour shirt that is totally going back into rotation in my closet, but that’s another story).

The crazy thing is, I’m pretty sure that I saw Winger back then in the same location, only then the bar was called After The Gold Rush, a true legend in Denver’s rock scene in the 80’s and 90’s. The best thing is, I heard an interview on 103.5 The Fox this week, and Kip said this show was going to be a homecoming for him, having gone to After The Gold Rush so many times when he lived here, too.

Thanks again to Corey and the Grizzly Rock for letting me capture such great energy at a fantastic venue, to my girlfriend for sitting alone for so many songs while I stalked the best angles, and to Winger for reviving so many great memories for so many of your Denver faithful!

What can I shoot for you?

Which shots do you want on your walls? Be sure to check out “more…“, below, to see all the great shots from that night.

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    • jasonsargo says:

      Thanks! It was a pretty good show, too, and the Grizzly Rock is just a fantastic venue! Were you there?

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