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Jason Claypool


Lakewood, CO


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Links to my friends and inspirations, and some of my favorite subjects:
(in no particular order)

Todd Owyoung’s industry-best concert photography site-

Danny North’s incredible concert photography from the UK

My friend Lewis Cooper’s beautiful concert photography site-

The Patriot Guard Riders, who dedicate their sweat and tears to honoring America’s Fallen and veteran military service members, and who were the impetus for all of my photojournalist work, as I tried to document the history I was witnessing at each funeral and memorial mission I attended.

The Denver Post’s Reverb music review site,, where I cut my teeth in music photography and gallery work at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase.

Rick Myers- the Keller Williams real estate agent I partner with for my real estate photography in Denver. His dedication to the market in Golden and surrounding areas is second to none.

Kristin Myers’ music- Regardless Of Me

Hillstomp (the most amazing band I have ever seen, and the source of my coolest live music shot ever, visible on my home page, with the drummer’s eyes rolled back in his head). Trance blues, hundred-year-old blues and junk blues:
Hillstomp’s Lucy’s Lament on YouTube
Hillstomp on Facebook

Marla Keown- an amazing photojournalist I met at some shows here in town, and whose work documenting her life in the military is just stunning.