Easter Sunrise Service 2013 at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado 031313 by Jason Claypool

What a great event! Over 11,000 turned out to what is normally a 9,000+ capacity facility for this year’s Easter Sunrise Service, and the beauty and grace of Red Rocks Amphitheater gets a bit of the credit for that. The weather was perfect with no breeze, clear moonlit skies, and a steady 30F until the sun came up. We bundled up, but there was plenty of warmth and brotherhood to go around!

It was literally standing room only, and the event staff just gave up on keeping the stairways clear. Every square inch of horizontal space was filled with a family or couple or group of friends huddled together, singing and smiling.

And catching Scramble Campbell brightening up the crowd with his painting and spirit is always a great highlight!

Thanks to a text from NASA, I was ready at 612AM to watch the ISS International Space Station cross the sky from over our shoulder behind Ship Rock and drop down to the glowing horizon right behind the stage! I tried, but the glow made it impossible to get a picture, even though I had got some great shots of the moon and stars over Creation Rock at 5AM when we got there.

Sharing that moment with LeeAndra, maybe being the only two in the crowd that knew to watch for it or noticed it, and just sharing our time together made our morning so special!

What can I shoot for you?

Be sure to check out “more…“, below, to take a look at all the shots…

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